Colors are the most important factor in UI Design. It is important to choose a good set of colors for designing an App or a Website. Colors are chosen based on the mood of the color palette for which the website or app is designed for. It is always the color that steals the heart of users at the very first look. Here’s the list of website that helps designers to choose the colors for the design.

Cohesive Colors – A tool for creating more cohesive color schemes

cohesive colors - color palette

A tool that helps you to create cohesive color schemes. Create amazing color palette in three easy steps.

  1. Pick up or create a color palette.
  2. Then select an overlay color and adjust the intensity.
  3. The final result will you a new set of the color palette.



Flat UI Colors – 280 handpicked color palettes

flat ui colors - color palette

Flat UI Colors 2 provides you a set of 14 Color palettes based on countries. Each color palette contains 20 colors which in total provide you 280 flat UI colors. Open any palette,  click on any color which you prefer to use for your design. Then the hex code will be copied. You can use that color in your design.



Material UI Colors – The Color palette for Material Design

Material UI color palette

Material UI colors provide the color palette for Material Design. Select two colors then it’ll provide the UI preview of an Android app. Additionally, they also provide Material UI icons and colors.




colordrop - color palette

Color drop provides you more than 400+ color palettes. It highly helps a designer to choose best colors for their design.



Color Hunt – Beautiful Color Palette

colorhunt - color palette

The collection serves thousands of different hand-picked color palettes and is growing every day. Each palette is created by Color Hunt’s users themselves and the best of these get to be shown on Color Hunt’s homepage. All palettes are free to use. Color Hunt’s palettes are being used by all kind of designers and artists such as illustrators, web designers, fashion designers, interior designers, product designers, digital artists, photographers, brand designers, and web developers.

Website: – The super fast color scheme generator - color palette generator

Coolors is a fast and easy tool that let you generate beautiful color palettes. Just press the spacebar to get a new 5-colors palette. Click on the lock icon to keep the colors you like and repeat the process until you have the perfect colors combination that matches your needs. If you wish to save your palettes just create a profile. Then click on the Save button and choose your palette name and tags. You can also export your color palettes to PDF, PNG, SCSS, SVG and even Copic markers. Also, you can share your palette link with others. You can also explore the palettes created by other designers.



LOLCOLORS – Curated color palette inspiration

lol colors - color palette inspiration

LOL colors provide you 65 color palettes for inspiration. Also, they are expanding their resource. Hope they will curate more color palettes for inspiration.



Palettable – Color palette generator

Palettable - color palette

Generate beautiful color palettes using the knowledge of millions of designers. It helps you create your palette by hitting like or dislike button. It randomly suggests colors to us. As per my view, it doesn’t provide a good user experience. You will know the reason for the upcoming Color palette tool similar to this.



Colordot – A color picker for humans

color dot - color palette generator

Colordot helps you easily create the color palette. Move the cursor around the screen and select your color by a click. You can adjust the Hue by moving the cursor back and forth. Adjust the lightness by moving the cursor up and down.  Also, they an iPhone app which helps designers to create color palette so easily.



BrandColors – official brand color hex codes

brand colors

The biggest collection of official brand color codes around. There are now over 600 brands with 1600 colors and the collection is always growing.



Also, check out the List of sites for web design inspiration

Hence, these are the websites I refer to colors inspiration for my designs. If you find any other website apart from these, let me know. So that I will add them up in the list. If you find it useful share it with your fellow designers. Feedback welcomed. Stay tuned for more useful design tips and tools.


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