Hey there! Aravind (a.k.a Aravind Little Jack) here from Bangalore. Welcome to my blog! And glad that you checked out my About page. I am a passionate Designer. Also, web developer and blogger. I have started designing during my college days (Started designing at 2nd year of engineering). I’m an Engineer in Electronics and Communication. You might think though being an engineer how I have turned out to be a designer. It’s only because of a strong passion towards designing. Nowadays lots of engineers turn out to be designers, musicians, artists, journalists, cinematographers, signers and so on.


My College Days

During my college days, I had some interest in designing. I started learning from online tutorials. To be frank, the best education is provided by internet rather the teacher and professors. I didn’t learn anything from college. I gained knowledge from internet only. Started with photo editing and making some crazy edits. Later, the interest in graphic design gradually reduced. Then I have started doing some pencil sketches. By the time some college functions came. I was called up to do some designs for fests. This gave me a good start to expose my talent. Then did some poster designs, Banner designs and so on. Being an engineer I didn’t know anything related to that.


After completing my College

I got a job at Sutherland Global Services. But I didn’t join as it is not my cup of coffee. The days passed. I wasn’t able to figure out my career path. My dream is not to earn more money. I just wanted to make at least 2 families live. To give jobs to others. This was my biggest dream. Instead of wasting my time, I started learning web design from the internet. Then I have created my first website Littlejack Designs.

Later I have realized that there were some flaws in the design. But I didn’t correct it. If I showcase it to others they’ll think like I have revamped it many times. The first design should look like as it should be. Noone is can be a pro at the start. At first, they have to be a beginner. Later they will learn from their experience and become a pro. My present design (Cozwiq) will portray a great difference.


My First Startup

Being simply at home without having a job, I wanted to do some freelance work and earn money. Which ended up in my first startup Cozwiq, where I have provided web and graphic design services. I got a chance to take a workshop on web design at my college.

Web Design workshop by Aravind Little Jack

This is the best phase of my life. For the first time a different experience and a good start to my career. After I have to quit this due to some situations.


My Career

I started my career at Cloop. My first job as a Digital Marketing Executive. Later, I worked as a web designer at Cloop as well. I worked at Cloop for 5 months. Then joint Wirecamp as UI/UX designer and working there now. It has been two months since I have started working there.


Start of Aravind Official Blog

I have started my personal Aravind official blog on February 1, 2018. The reason behind the start of the blog is to write on things what I feel, what I wanted to convey to the world. Previously I was writing blogs for my previous startup, Cozwiq. Later I wanted to have a personal blog instead. Then migrated the Cozwiq blog to Aravind official blog.